windr 1Gam Jan '17


Tie your boat to the dock, following the harbor master's strict rules.

Engine. Uses libgdx.

aeonbot lowrezjam 2016

Gameplay scene with keys and walls. Gameplay scene with jetpack. Gameplay scene showing the platforming.

A small jump'n'jetpack'n'run game where you control bots and try to escape their closed-down factory before nature overgrows everything.

BotCorp. closed permanently, but one switch was forgotten and the bot-maker is still running in low-power mode, producing a bot every now and then. Help the bots escape their factory before the bot-maker is overgrown.

Development. Created in a few evenings for the lowrezjam 2016, this game went surprisingly quick from start to finish. There are some small animation bugs and problems with the collision detection, but nothing too bad for a jam game.

Engine. Uses libgdx.

Transform 1GAM April '15

Menu screen. Game screen showing transformed object. Screenshot with scores after the game ended.

This competitive multiplayer game requires you to be both fast and accurate. You must rotate, scale, move and colorize the given object faster than your opponent. Points are earned through accuracy in execution, but each round ends as soon as one player submitted his results.

Two players are required for the main mode, but a singleplayer training mode is present. An android version with local splitscreen multiplayer on tablets is in preparation.

Note. Multiplayer modes may require firewall and router fiddling, the game uses port 54555.

Development. This game is based on the one game a month theme "transformation" from March but we didn't manage to finish it until April. The game relies heavily on event-based communication between the different components, which turned out to be crucial for making all three game modes —remote multiplayer, training and splitscreen multiplayer (on tablets)— work with the same foundation. This was our main focus during development and worked out really well. The gameplay, on the other hand, was not a top priority. The interaction between players is very indirect in the remote multiplayer mode, but the splitscreen mode creates the frenzy that we aimed for.

Engine. Uses libgdx as engine and kryonet for networking.

expeditio LD29

Title screen showing a world map. Game screen showing a meadow.

You manage a team of archaeologists and uncover bones and treasures while keeping an eye on the budget. You can hire and use either expensive scientists or cheap workers who may break the stuff they are supposed to dig up.

Development. This game was created in one weekend as part of the Ludum Dare 29 competition. The competition's theme was "Beneath the Surface".

Engine. Uses libgdx as engine.